Started From the Bottom Now We Here

Started From the Bottom Now We Here.

With a little bit of careful career planning, you can be above average. Started From the Bottom Now We Here – a now famous sentiment from the rapper Drake. But more than that, it’s solid career advice and perspective.

Every career starts somewhere, and they don’t usually start out paying a middle-class wage right out of the gate. People have to work to acquire that enviable level of wages. In the Fort Smith, Arkansas – Oklahoma metro area, the medium wage earned is $19.09 per hour, which comes out to an annual salary of around $39,700.00.

Working a job that pays $11.00 per hour now, but that will pay you $15.00 per hour in two years is a great pathway forward.

One of the most difficult things to do is figure out how to start on a pathway for a career, and to make smart decisions about where you want to end up. One thing everyone can agree on is the importance of being financially stable, or earning enough to pay the bills and maybe even enjoy a night out every now and then. Thankfully, with the cost of living being as low as it is in the Fort Smith, AR-OK metro, it doesn’t take a whole lot to get us there, which allows in more flexibility when it comes to career choices. Working a job that pays $11.00 per hour now, but that will pay you $15.00 per hour in two years is a great pathway forward. And when that job prepares you and qualifies you for opportunities that pay $16.00 per hour and more, that is a great two year investment. You are literally being paid to become more valuable on the job market. You are being paid to become more qualified so that you can earn more in the future. And that’s a career choice that we should all consider.

Started from the bottom now we here – Drake

It’s also worth nothing the median household income in Sebastian County, Arkansas is $43,240, while it is lower in surrounding counties within the metro. Household income comprises all income from all wage earners, which is usually two working adults. To be above average in Sebastian County, if two working adults (generally spouses, but not always) are earning at least $10.40 per hour in their respective jobs and working full time at forty (40) hours per week, you will be, by this standard, above average. And that’s why a lot of entry level job opportunities or jobs with minimum qualifications, if you work hard at them, can have you quoting Drake in just a few short years… “Started from the bottom now we here”. TRAC Staffing can help get you on this path with careers working in a call center, in manufacturing, in warehouse, in agriculture, and more! Which career path do you want to take?

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