If You’ve Done The Work, You’ve Earned The Pay.

Introducing Same Day Pay by Trac Staffing

Fast & Flexible Pay

Americans pay Billions of dollars in overdraft fees every year (over $11B in 2019).

We are the first and only Staffing Firm in the River Valley to make Same Day Pay for our workforce a priority. This offering is just one way TRAC proves our commitment to offering the best employee experience of any staffing company around.

HR managers note issues among some employees such as:

Same-Day-Pay is a game-changer! It’s a financial wellness tool that can help alleviate your employees’ financial concerns and save you money.

It’s the 21st Century – isn’t it time we start paying like it?

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Trac Staffing believes in some pretty radical and disruptive things, like putting the employee’s wellbeing first. The message is clear – people want to work with companies that offer Same Day Pay. Partner with Trac Staffing and experience the difference.

Miles Crawford


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