How Staffing Agencies are Combatting the Skills Gap

How Staffing Agencies are Combatting the Skills Gap.

How Staffing Agencies are Combatting the Skills Gap. Staffing companies are in a unique position to be able to have a lasting impact on the workforce and play an instrumental role in ushering in the future of work. The future of work will not be as dystopian as many think, nor as euphoric.

But as is customarily the case, the future of work will likely fall right in the middle of those two states. We will undoubtedly see huge advances in technology that will drastically change the jobs available within large sectors of manufacturing, transportation & logistics, warehouse, and many other sectors. These operations will become more and more efficient while simultaneously becoming less and less reliable on human labor to handle the mundane (and potentially even unsafe) tasks. The less mundane work to be done, the less job opportunities exist for the low-to-mid skill worker. That fact is as true for the custodian as it is for the CNC operator, machinist, and welders in a manufacturing environment. There will still be the need for those jobs to be performed, but they will be vastly different than they are today and they will require an entirely knew body of knowledge to keep their abilities current with the technology they are working with.

“The less mundane work to be done, the less job opportunities exist for the low-to-mid skill worker.”

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. This is more than just standing on a soap box shouting, “the robots are coming for our jobs!”. These shifts will result in jobs being eliminated will have the dual effect of creating opportunity in other areas, and new jobs along with entirely new industries will be created as a result. Our industry is viewed by many in labor as a sort-of crystal ball, or early indicator, of things to come in the labor market; trends experienced in the staffing industry are predictive of larger, impending labor trends. With that role comes the opportunity to be the canary in the coal mine, the keeper of the light house, and the unkept prophet on the street corner holding a card board cut-out displaying a vague message that eerily resonates with those of us brave enough to read it, whether we are able to comprehend its words or not.

Across the country (world, actually) staffing companies have immediate access to large pools of workers and a diverse inventory of job opportunities. Many of the industries that are undergoing rapid changes operationally in the aforementioned industries, are also huge users and proponents of the staffing industry. It’s no surprise that staffing companies and their clients in those industries are now beginning to work together to address the growing skills gap and put into place solutions to train new hires and upskill incumbents, with training offerings as spanning simple soft-skills or OSHA trainings, to solutions as robust as full-fledged, multi-year apprenticeship programs.

“The robots are coming for our jobs!”

Can Next Gen Staffing Agencies Close the Skills Gap?

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