Going back to work shouldn’t be hard

Employers across the River Valley are hiring again. The economy is opening back up. And
many individuals are starting to return to work – but none of these things are without their
obstacles. During this season of re-opening, we need to be aware of an uncomfortable fact:
though work opportunities may be abundant, going back to work can be difficult for many.

When an individual who has been unemployed is seeking to return to work, they may be faced with multiple hardships. Most commonly, there are financial obstacles. Individuals will most likely incur transportation expenses to return to work that they weren’t faced with when unemployed. After all, you’ve got to get to and from work, reliably, every day. And for someone who has been out of work, even the added cost of fuel for their own vehicle can be an obstacle to return to work. And then, there is the potential cost of child care, which can dwarf the cost of transportation. Finding quality child care is hard enough, and for an individual who has been unemployed, affording it can be even harder. Many of these costs must be incurred, and have to be absorbed, by the candidate in order to get reestablished in the workforce. It’s a hard nut to crack. But thanks to many innovations, it’s now a problem we can solve for. Side note: isn’t it ironic that there is an upfront cost new employees have to be able to absorb before their earned wages ever start being paid out? It literally costs money to go back to work.

To help candidates more easily transition back into the workforce and overcome some of those financial obstacles, TRAC Staffing is partnering with clients across the River Valley to offer Same-Day-Pay benefits for our employees. TRAC Staffing has been hiring this region’s workforce since 1994 and we understand the help individuals may need to be successful when returning to work, and often times, it’s not much. While some employers may be wary of same-day-pay offering because they are concerned individuals may lose their financial incentive to return to work the following day, early adapters have actually benefitted from as much as a 30% increase in retention among employees who utilize same-day-pay. While this offering by itself is in no way intended to be a silver-bullet for the obstacles facing individuals who are preparing to return to the workforce, it is a valuable tool.

Same-day-pay may be a few years away from being widely recognized as the ‘norm’, but it is coming. And in the future, it will likely be the norm as opposed to a differentiator. It has already been adopted by notable companies such as Wal-Mart, Target and other large employers who rely on the services of an hourly workforce. Of course, not every employee will need or even want this benefit and not every company will be interested in jumping through all the hoops it requires to offer it. However, for companies who are interested, simply by partnering with TRAC Staffing, they can take advantage of this offering and reap the benefits without having to go through the challenges of implementing it themselves. Not all clients of TRAC Staffing have to be a partner in this initiative, of course. But it is an option for those who want it.

The economy is re-opening. Spring is underway. It’s time to get back to work. And TRAC Staffing is committed to helping our region’s workforce get back to work successfully. Our same-day-pay perk is just one more way of proving it.

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