Calibrate – Career Planning Workshop

TRAC Staffing is rolling out an innovative new training “Calibrate – Career Planning Workshop” which we will make available on a limited basis, capping each workshop at 4 to 5 participants.

Calibrate is an immersive career planning workshop aimed at helping people succeed in their careers by assisting them in creating an actionable 3 to 5 year plan for their career that they can be excited about. But this course isn’t just “hype”. In fact, for those who are willing to make the commitment of fulfilling the requirements of this program – consisting of two, 5 to 7 hour classes and exercises to be performed in between classes – this program can easily be life-changing and deeply rewarding.

It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves in what they consider to be “dead end jobs”. Some folks are even in well-paying positions but find themselves in “golden handcuffs” and feel they are unable to make any sort of move because of the responsibilities of life and circumstances that have developed around them. There is a pandemic of meaninglessness attacking our society. Everyone wants to change the world, but too often we find ourselves feeling like more of a cog in a machine rather than agents of change. So what’s the answer?

Calibrate is an immersive course designed to help participants discover ways forward and things that they can do right where they are.

It’s not an easy process, but there is a way to get your career

and your life – back into a path that will present you with challenge, opportunity for growth, and deeper fulfillment. And you can start right where you are. Calibrate is an immersive course designed to help participants discover ways forward and things that they can do right where they are. It is a subjective experience, unique to everyone who participates. The exercises of the course are valuable at any stage of a career, and the principles that are taught in the program are evergreen and widely applicable. Whether you are preparing for your first job, in your first job, or years into your career, Calibrate can help you create a game plan that will guide you through the next few years in an intentional direction, helping you to stay in control of your life and your career’s direction regardless of the winds of change that will inevitably blow.

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It doesn’t take any effort to end up feeling trapped. It does, however, take a lot of effort to create a plan strong enough yet flexible enough to help provide you with some guidance during the good times and the challenging times. And often times it is the people who are equipped with this guidance that are able to come out the other side of trials, hardships, and setbacks and succeed. Make no mistake, failures and setbacks absolutely will happen to you, even with a good plan. But if you’ve done the preparation, even failures and setbacks will not be absolute.

To learn about enrollment into Calibrate, email Miles Crawford at

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